(VRChat) BHSI Space Jackal

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For all you shield-bearing, stalking, long range enjoyers out there, introducing BHSI's first VRChat avatar, the Space Jackal! Hailing from a culture of trade, space piracy, and bounty hunting, these critters are cunning and devious, not to mention fast!

The Space Jackal features the following:
- Gestures
- Expressions
- Customizable Armor
- Customizable Colors
- Customizable Headset
- Customizable Jumpsuit
- Feather Physics

Other info:
- 59,511 for polycount
- Blend file included
- Very Poor (Feather physics enabled) or Medium (Feather physics disabled) for VRC Rating
- Substance and Textures included
- No additional package requirements
- We ask that the avatar not be redistributed publicly or privately. We have a demo available that can be grabbed by reaching out to me on VRC (Ico Harbinger)

Future Updates:
- Shield Addon
- Weapon Addons

Brought to by the collaborative efforts of EssentialRohly, Ico Harbinger, and BadBunny3D (https://badbunny3d.gumroad.com/)

I want this!

You'll get ONE WHOLE SPACE JACKAL (.unitypackage) and FUTURE UPDATES

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(VRChat) BHSI Space Jackal

5 ratings
I want this!